How to Get Free cPanel for Lifetime on Oracle Cloud

Right now, Everyone is facing issues about thinking about the best hosting services and storage on different cloud or hosting platforms for their websites, and all but hosting prices are skyrocketing these days if we talk about a year plan no one wants their website to run for only 1 month.

So, there is one solution that Oracle cloud is giving 2 free instances for a lifetime by using those you just have to pay for domain price every year and nothing else.

Interesting right!

In Oracle cloud, the marketplace has every less Virtual Machine’s deployment options but not to worry you can install through SSH or command line only you have to do is just search for the commands which are all present on the Internet nowadays and there is also some website who teaches how to deploy VM using SSH step by step.

In today’s blog, you going to learn about how to install cPanel by Litespeed who’s servers are very fast and I am going to explain how to install that in 2 Different Way’s

Before Starting here are some Oracle cloud-free tier for lifetime features you should have to know.

Free cPanel for Lifetime

Their server’s uptime and response are very fast as compared to others also I am also using their free tier and I am getting very good results from them.

If you are interested go ahead and try it. they just do some credit card verification when you make an account and nothing else will be charged if you use free tier products only.

Let’s Begin with cPanel = Cyber Panel

Please choose Ubuntu Image while creating Instance because ubuntu has a vast community and good results for a website rather than others.

Step 1 is a very easy process and I recommend everyone to use it because when you deploy a Cyber panel using SSH you can make some mistakes that’s why to Use step 1

First Visit:

and click the box Highlighted in the image below.

Free cPanel for Lifetime


Now create a Free account and go to the dashboard

Free cPanel for Lifetime

Now Click on Connect Cyber Panel and then the Deploy option from the menu.

Free cPanel for Lifetime

The following Details are:

Name: Any Unique name you prefer

Ip Address:  The Public Ip Address you get by installing the Instance on Ubuntu.

Username: root by default for ubuntu you can check for other images through the oracle dashboard.

Server: Choose “Openlitespeed” because it’s free and enterprise is paid.

Authentication: choose the key option, By default, the command is already in use in Ubuntu when you make an instance but if the installation of the cyber panel not work please run the Command using SSH.

Port: 22

After That Click on deploy and it will start deploying Cyber Panel please check all your credentials before deploy and even after that some problems occur please contact me or search-related problems on the internet.

For step 2 you can watch this youtube video down below to watch and learn how you can install a cyber panel without any mistake.

Let’s wrap it up guy’s if you getting and query and problem in installing or with oracle cloud or how to point domain towards cyber panel or how to set up custom email with cyber panel

Please contact me I will try to reply to you as within hours as possible.



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